Google+ MarketingGoogle+ has always been promoted as Google’s answer to Facebook which is far from the truth. Let’s separate the myth from the magic. Google does index their own properties first so posts shared on Google+ or video’s posted on YouTube will show up first in the search results. If you “Google” a person’s name the primary search results will be their social footprint including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in addition to Google+. Let’s compare and contrast Google+ and Facebook.

Google+ vs. Facebook

  • Google+ has circles.
  • Facebook has groups.
  • Google+ allows people to add you to their circles.
  • Facebook allows people send you friend requests.
  • Google+ – you + (plus) posts to show your approval.
  • Facebook you like comments and posts.
  • Google will show those in your Google+ circles first in your search results. Your Google search is private and personalized so you will be the first and only one seeing your results.
  • Facebook has Graph Search their own internal search results. You are able to search for friends, for businesses that friends like, for example, Local Dentists that my friends like.
  • Google+ enables you to call out people within your posts by using @ tagging.
  • Facebook allows you to @ tag people and pages. Note: For a fan page to tag a person you must be a Facebook Friend.
  • Google+ has committed to never allow ads on Google+.
  • Facebook is a pay to play platform and the #1 way to reach your fans is to pay for promoted posts or Facebook Ads.
  • Google+ has an internal video feature – HOA – Hangout On Air. HOA’s are saved directly to YouTube – Google’s sister platform.
  • Facebook downgrades video’s shared from YouTube and gives more credibility to native video’s uploaded directly to Facebook.
  • Google+ you are able to engage with people via someone else’s Google+ page – Google Ripples.
  • Facebook enables you to engage with fans of other fan pages and friends of friends. If someone “Like’s” your Fan Page posts their friends can see that they liked your post without being a fan of your page.

On a daily basis, we read a new article saying that Google has decided to shut down Google+. As a credible networking and sales tool, it has more reasons to stay than to be taken down.

Would you like to see how Google+ would work for your business? Let us show you how!