Heidi Garland, CEO Guild West, Inc.

Heidi Garland, CEO Guild West, Inc.

Guild West, Inc was founded in 1986 when “traditional marketing” was in its heyday. Our clients are large and small companies that are the Who’s Who in Silicon Valley and throughout the country and the world.

Fast forward 20+ years through the dotcom boom into the era of Social Media when traditional marketing, now referred to as “UnMarketing”, has made a dramatic shift into an exciting new part of the digital realm.

Today it’s vital to establish relationships with potential clients and no longer simply push your marketing messages out to the masses enter the age of Social Business. This is an area where Guild West Agency really thrives and excels.

Businesses are now social from the inside out allowing us the unique ability to generate relevant viral momentum in ways previously only dreamed. Viral marketing isn’t exclusively within the digital realm, traditional print media, brochures, direct mail pieces and in person trade show can also take on a viral component.

What’s in it for YOU?

You have a message you want your clients and potential clients to hear. We have a proven track record for getting your message out in front of key decision makers. We seek out your relevant audience and target them with content they value most using both social media and more traditional avenues.

HOW we do what we do?

Radical Strategic Visibility! You may have the most innovative product in the world but if you’re desired clients don’t know about you that’s a challenge. The purpose of an effective marketing campaign is to turn connections into customers.

We offer the optimal content mix that your potential clients are looking for in the locations where they seek information.

Why Guild West Agency?

Successful business people KNOW WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW and they hire experts in those areas. Marketing is our sweet spot. With Guild West Agency You concentrate on your corporate goals we concentrate on the useful tools needed to achieve those goals.