Facebook MarketingFacebook is one of the top online social networks in and the world and the cornerstone of most Social Strategic Marketing Plans.

According to Facebook their mission is to make the world more open and connected place. How does that help your business achieve their strategic marketing goals?

A well-executed Facebook Marketing Plan will make a successful company that much more successful by broadening the number of people you actively engage with online.

With well over a BILLION people worldwide on Facebook, your compelling content has the potential to have global exposure. From big brands to a local dentist or small restaurant all have the ability to attract customers and patients from your local community with a well-executed marketing plan utilizing Facebook.

The key to being successful on Facebook is to be genuine, transparent and completely open or as the name implies become more social.  More than 50% of these users log on for an average of 55 minutes or more each day.

The primary reason for your business to have a presence on Facebook is with hundreds of thousands of potential customers spending a part of every day on Facebook your potential exposure is huge. Your marketing strategy should include content that is:

  • Helpful for your audience – Share great tips
  • Entertaining to your audience – Make is fun and clever
  • Shareable by your audience – Make them look like an expert

Facebook is only a rental property, which makes it essential that you do not focus all of your efforts on a platform that you do not own. Use Facebook, like other social portals to drive traffic to your website and promote content that encourages fan’s and potential customers to opt-in to receive e-mail updates about your product or services.

With Facebook’s drop in organic reach many feel that it has become a Pay to Play Platform, which isn’t always the case.

Guild West Agency will help you establish a raving fan base for your products and services. We increase your products visibility and establish goodwill for you within the community. Depending on your marketing objectives we will assist you by creating targeted Facebook Ads as to increase sales, visibility and grow your existing fan base.

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