Marketing branding

Your logo or your branding is a form of intellectual property and it has value in establishing a connection with current and potential customers. They see your logo and recognize it as representing your company as a visual symbol for your brand. The use of color, shapes and fonts with and without serifs determines how your customers and potential customer perceive your business and your position in the marketplace.

Branding and Logos

It’s not about what you say about your business, but what others say about your business that matters.

Guild West Agency works with you to clearly define and uniquely position and differentiate your presence within your marketplace. Once you have a clearly defined brand identity we go to work creating your brand logo that reinforces your brand identity and defines your unique value.

  • Does your logo define and communicate the unique personality of your business?
  • Would your logo be recognizable by your ideal client?
  • What ideals does your company represent and how do they relate to your industry?

We take into consideration that your logo will be on your social platform in the digital realm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, your logo on your website, your favicon and on digital banner ads, your brand in print on your business card, stationary, your signage, silk screened and embroidered on shirts and hats.

  • Does your logo transition well from the digital realm to the traditional offset printing?
  • Is your logo readable?

Your logo can be 10’ tall or 1/10” tall. Your logo will be used in color and in black and white. One of the biggest mistakes companies make with their brand is to not consider all of the potential uses for the icon that represents their brand.

  • Will people in your industry recognize your logo mark and understand that you are part of that industry?
  • Does you logo look like one used by another brand?
  • Can your business afford to not stand out?

When businesses look the same they become invisible.

Are you ready to be different, unique and highly sought after? Guild West Agency will make it happen. Please contact us to get the ball rolling.

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