Marketing postcardsDirect Mail Marketing Campaigns are not just for politicians during political elections. A well-executed postcard mailing can drive traffic to your website, brick and mortar store, restaurant,  trade show booth or could equate to numerous RSVP’s for your upcoming product launch or event. When launching a new product or service depending on the demographics of your end user a direct mail campaign is a great way to get the word out. Whether it’s a personalized message and graphic that is unique to that specific customer or more generic in nature. A targeted message with thought provoking graphics always have the desired impact with postcard mailings.

Guild West Agency uses targeted mailing lists, eye-catching graphics and personalized copy in your mailer to get the attention of your optimal client. The difference is in the details.

eMail Blast Marketing Campaigns are an incredibly effective way to reach ten’s of thousands of potential customers quickly and occasionally less expensively than traditional postcard mailers. There is no one way to reach out to all of your optimal customers in a highly targeted way. eMail Marketing is similar to Post Cards Mailings in that it’s targeted to a specific person or group of people. With a compelling subject line your blast email will have an extremely high open rate and encourage your potential customer to take the desired action.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

  • With blast email’s it is imperative that your recipient have opted in to receive your blast email.
  • Graphics should not take up the entire email.
  • Clever and compelling subject lines increase your open rate.
  • Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many emails – they will opt out!

If you’d like help deciding which type of direct marketing campaign would work best for you and if you would like marketing that gets results contact us at and we will show you how.

Postcards – Direct Mail Portfolio

Postcard   SST Benefits Consulting
Postcard For LUXIM
Postcard For Zonare
Postcard For Quasar Instrument
Postcard For XYZ Tech
Postcard for Zonare
Postcard For Zonare
Postcard for Checkpoint