Marketing webYour website is no longer an online brochure. It needs to become a hub of activity that draws customers in on a regular basis not just when they want to buy something from you. Your website should be your primary online sales tool. It’s the property you own and manage.

Google is the Holy Grail of website marketers. They utilize a complex set of algorithms to determine where your site falls within the search results. Google searchers are all looking for something and it’s our job to help you determine what your optimal customer is searching for.

What is the ROI for the Internet? It really depends on what you do. The simple truth is your web pages need to be better than comparable pages.

Our Mission in Developing your Website is to:

Improve Page Rank – Make your site rank worthy. How? Offer High-quality content with high authority sites linking into your site and a good volume of inbound links from high authority pages.

Make you an Authority – This determines how important the site ranks within Google.

Increase Relevance – The more closely your content matches your optimal customers search query and Google’s perceived optimal customer for you’re company the higher your Relevance.

How does Guild West Agency do this?  A combination of Search Engine Optimization SEO and a strategic plan incorporating social media portals and print collateral to drive traffic to your website.

If you are exhibiting at a Trade Show you should be driving traffic to your website. Your business card, your direct mail post cards, print ads, brochures, press releases, Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, Google+ page, Pinterest Board, Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, any place that your company name appear you need a link to your website.

Website Landing Pages must be an integral part of your digital strategy. If you are running a promotion for a specific product or service the URL that you publish must drop the prospective customer within the exact section where your product or service is explained. If your customer needs to search for the content they won’t. Make it easy for them to learn about your products and buy from you.

Ready to have a fully optimized website? We are here to help.

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