Marketing press releases

“Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public.”

Public relations is all about doing something newsworthy, and then telling your audience what you did. Your “audience” is made up of members of the press, bloggers, customers and the general public. The better the communications between you and your audience, the higher the profile of your company and the products or services you offer.

Guild West Agency is experienced at using PR to create and maintain positive visibility for your company, products and services within the global media space and at home. Let us help you be in all the places where people read or hear about your products, services and business news, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media portals, online and print newspapers, magazines, trade publications. We manage your corporate brand to get your message out to your optimal client. Guild West Agency put’s the public back in public relations.

As public relations professionals, we understand the importance of establishing a strong working relationship with the media. We are the media “go to” for our clients. The time to hire a PR professional is before you need one. Negative press and unfortunate situations do happen. Whether our clients are involved in litigation or they have taken on an unpopular client we take the necessary steps to provide damage control with the news media.

We utilize our client’s brand ambassadors and their super fans. This is when it’s important to activate our client’s tribe and their followers to make sure that we encourage them to actively genuinely promote our clients brand. It’s the super fans that have extra credibility in that situation.

Ready to take your public image to the next level? Please contact us and we will show you how.