LinkedIn MarketingLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and not just a “Rolodex on steroids”. With in excess of 347 million registered members, with available in twenty-four languages, in 200 countries with an average user household income of over $109,000 – LinkedIn allows you to connect with trusted contacts and helps you exchange ideas, knowledge, and opportunities to a broader network of professionals. Corporations have websites to share their products and services and LinkedIn is where customers and potential customers go to gain detailed information on your companies greatest asset, their key employees.

LinkedIn differs from other social networking platforms in that with LinkedIn you utilize your Company Profile to promote your products and services while showcasing the expertise of your employees. Here’s where Guild West Agency can help. We will make sure that your personal LinkedIn profile and your business page are fully optimized so that your ideal client finds you not the other way around. If a potential customer Googles your name your LinkedIn profile show’s up first in the search results.

Companies use LinkedIn as another opportunity for their employees to fully utilize a professional social networking site to not only benefit the employee but also the company. People buy from people and when making a major buying decision LinkedIn is the place where business professionals go to check out a prospective supplier not just by the CV’s of the key executives but all employees from the top down. LinkedIn encourages members to endorse friends, associates and colleagues for their skills and area’s of expertise.

Business professionals and service providers use LinkedIn as a vehicle for showcasing their expertise by participating in “Groups” and answering questions asked and engaging in ongoing discussions within their field of expertise. Many professionals start groups and encourage other like-minded professionals and info seeking colleagues and customers to join and participate in their closed Group.