The MARKETING Department is now the hub of ALL corporate activity not just responsible for promoting the company’s services or products. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other Social Portals are all handled by the Marketing Department.

Think about it, if an employee acts inappropriately HR was on the front lines to handle it. If it happens on Facebook, Marketing is the first line of defense.

What about an unhappy customer? Customer service used to receive the phone call or e-mail but today if someone Tweets about a product problem again it’s Marketing that comes to the rescue.

What about product development or engineering? When you really listen to your customers within Social Media they will tell you what they would like to see in your products or from your services. Marketing is staffed by “Listening Officers”.

Gone are the days of Spray & Pray promotions! You can no longer get people’s attention with marketing messages. Caring and empathy trump the old marketing plan of attack.

Welcome the world of “Un-Marketing”

We start by finding where your customers hang out and get the bulk of their information. Studies show that people will take the recommendation of a complete stranger over something that they read on a business website. By establishing a comprehensive presence within various social portals in addition to you business website you provide a place for customers and future customers to learn about your products and services while communicating directly with you when ever they want to.

We work with you to develop a content strategy to engage your customers. Marketing messages fall on deaf ears. People are really good at blocking sales speak. Social Media allows you to speak with your customers not at them. Guild West Agency will work with you to select the optimal social portals for you to share your message with your customers along with your business website. Are you ready to take your business to the next step and invigorate your sales by changing your marketing efforts from an expense to a revenue generator? Ready?

  • Ads
  • Branding
  • Brochures
  • Postcards (Mailers)
  • Trade Show Support and Graphics
  • PR
  • Web Based Solutions – Website Development, Digital Ads, …