Marketing brochuresYou may call them, sell sheets, data sheets, brochures, white papers, slicks, spec sheets, flyer, pamphlet, leaflet, newsletter, product spec sheet, circular, handout, throwaway, z-card, handbill, print or marketing collateral.  They may be mailed, placed in a brochure rack or hand delivered. They may be offset printed, digitally printed on copier paper or heavy high gloss paper, 1 color, 2 color, 4 color or more colors, tri-fold, z-fold, c-fold, bi-fold, die cut, single sheet, saddle stitched, perfect bound, score and fold, 1 page, 2 page, 4 page, 6 page, 8 page, 12 page or more pages regardless of what you call it or how it’s printed and put together the purpose is to be used as a sales tool to convey your marketing message to your optimal customer or end user.

The reasons for hiring Guild West Agency to produce printed sales tools are as diverse as the various names and production methods yet their ultimate goal is to make the sales effort easier and more effective.


Guild West Agency is known for our multi-dimensional approach to successfully deliver your message to your optimal client. Many believe that web-based marketing is the only way to market to everyone. The Web is an essential tool yet no one vehicle can accomplish everything. An example is when you attend an in-person trade show or industry event many visitors would prefer to receive a printed sales piece when they meet you rather than being told to visit your website when they are back at their desk. It’s important to reinforce your dynamic web based message with conventional print collateral, datasheets and other printed sales tools.

Depending your product or service and your customer base we augment your web-based message with outbound or more traditional means and find the best client-centered way(s) to communicate with your customers. It is important to provide your message to your client the way that they prefer to receive it. We take care of every step of the process. You have the message and we use that message and include thought provoking images and content to produce a final printed piece you will be proud of.

Guild West Agency continues to turn your ideas and marketing plans into action with cost effective and award winning marketing and communication solutions. Are you ready?

Print Marketing Tools and Brochure Portfolio

Brochure for Zonare
Brochure for Zonare
Brochure for Checkpoint
Brochure for Zonare
Brochure for SST Benefits Consulting
Brochure for Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group
Brochure for Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group - Inside
Brochure for Luxim Corporation