Marketing adsAdvertising is your paid promotion platform for the product or services that your company sells. Ads can be digital, print or frequently both. To be effective, your ad must entice your optimal customer to buy your product or service. Your ad should solve a problem or offer a unique perspective on an age-old problem. There needs to be, as Chris Brogan call’s it, a hook in your worm, something to gain your customers attention and get them to take the next step which could be to visit your website or simply buy your product.

Using a careful balance of eye-catching visuals and powerful text that summarizes the product’s distinctive benefits for the buyer, Guild West Agency communicates your message with strength and clarity. Whether you need a one-time ad or a multifaceted global ad campaign, Guild West’s professionals can develop thought-provoking ads that will inform and improve your customer’s perceptions of your products and you.

We determine: who is your core audience.

  • Who is your core audience?
  • What keep’s them up at night?
  • Where do they look for vital information?

The most compelling message if it’s targeting the wrong audience or using the wrong offer will be ineffective.

Within the digital realm,  your messaging needs to be highly targeted and eye-catching with visuals that make sense to your ultimate customer. You need the right mix of industry-specific terminology and user-friendly phrasing to convey your depth of knowledge yet making sure your potential has a few questions that were left unanswered so that they feel the need to reach out to you and ask their questions.

Consistent messaging and branding is key to making it easy for your customers to always know that the ad they are reading is from a resource that they know and trust.

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Marketing Ads Portfolio

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