Your #1 Competitor – It’s Not Who You Think

Your #1 Competitor – It’s Not Who You ThinkIf we asked you who your biggest competitor was you would rattle off a list of companies that sell the same product or service that you sell or something close to it. You would be surprised to learn that within social media that isn’t always correct.

Your biggest competitor may be a contestant from a television show or the latest ad campaign, horrific weather or possibly gas prices within the U.S. Your biggest competitor is whoever is getting the ATTENTION of your potential customer. The good news is this changes.

A few weeks ago we were all wrapped up in a different tragedy or world event. Who knows who will be #1 in a week or two? It could be you and your product or services. How do we take attention away from the top news story of the day? By creating compelling content that is of interest to your current customers and potential customers. When you devote most of your time on Facebook selling to your customers they will tune you out pretty quickly yet if you engage with them, ask them questions, show an interest in them you will have a much better change of gaining their attention and more importantly their trust. As you prepare your posts think about what would your customers be interested in NOT what you want them to buy from you.

Well, what do you think would be of interest to YOUR customer? Answer that question and you have the key to success on Facebook and through out social media in general. Do you know what keep’s your customer up at night? Do you know what interests them the most if not why not simply ask them? You may be surprised by their response. That response could turn into a new product or service for you and your business.

Did you ask? What did they say? You now have one of the keys to success on Facebook.

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