3 Reason’s Why Your Trade Show is Failing

Trade show BoothA trade show isn’t just graphics and giveaways. The value of a trade show is the potential exposure for your brand and your products.
  • The last time your exhibited at a trade show did you harvest that value?
  • Did you leave at the end of the show knowing that you achieved your goals?
  • Did you go into the show with goals in mind?

Exhibiting at a trade show is a daunting task even for a seasoned event planner. Example, knowing what drayage and EAC mean. There are countless rules on the show floor that you will be responsible for following. On top of the logistical side of things you also have the strategic planning to ensure that your investment in the show gives you the return you expect. Decide what your goals are for your show. I can help you optimize your show experience and make sure that you know what you need to know before you arrive at the venue.

The most important thing that you need to do first is to decide what the goal of the show is for your company. What exactly do you want to accomplish at the show? Example, do you want to sign up 10,000 new users; do you want to connect with the media and have 5 articles written OR do you want to speak with industry executives in order to form an alliance (these are just examples). Think about what would make this show a success for you. Once we know what the end goal is we can put together a strategic plan and utilize your resources of time, people and money wisely!

One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make is they loose momentum after leaving the show floor. Once the show closes this is when the real work begins. What was your initial goal? Was it to sign up 10,000 new users? Did you sign up 10,000 new users? Now it’s time to deliver on your promise to those new users.

As important as your new users are your booth staff is also an incredible wealth of knowledge. After the show is over either back at the office or if your booth staff is from different corporate offices find a good place to meet possibly back at the hotel. Review with your staff what went well and what could have been handled better. It’s important that you use a combination of customer input and the input of your employees and booth staff to fine-tune your plan for your next show. It’s always possible to do something better or more efficiently than you have done them before. Come up with a list of questions and then simply brain storm. Your employees will appreciate having the opportunity to give feedback both good and bad knowing that it’s for the greater good of your marketing efforts in the future.

You invested a great deal into each and every show or event makes sure that you harvest that value. Was there a specific show that was better for you than all the rest? Was there something special that you did? Share in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

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