16 Epic #SMMW15 Tips from Awesome Social Media Experts


#SMMW15 –
Jacob Sapochnick, Heidi Garland & Mike Gingerich

Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World 2015 combined all the best of the digital social media realm with engaging, interacting and networking with peers and thought leaders in the social media marketing world. If you didn’t have the time to attend take just a few minutes and take a look at my top takeaways.

Mark Schaefer gives the best hugs in all of social media and he crams the most relevant insight and information into a 1-hour session with out holding anything back. Key take away – You don’t have to wait to be picked. Pick yourself! Another recurring theme – Your niche is YOU! I started reading “The Content Code” at the airport and couldn’t put it down. It’s a must read if you are at all interested in igniting your marketing.

Chris Brogan isn’t just a sweaty selfie on Instagram. He is incredibly genuine and warm hearted. You walk away from his session titled “Belong” with amazing insights. Key take aways – Stop trading dollars for hours – and – You need to earn the right to sell. He made me smile when he said, “My bank doesn’t accept likes”

[tweetthis]“My bank doesn’t accept likes” Chris Brogan[/tweetthis]

Heidi Garland is the SHORTEST person in social media and I have photo’s to prove it.


#SMMW15 – Heidi, Joshua Parkinson, Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro is gracious and engaging. She is incredibly knowledgeable about LinkedIn marketing. She has the unique ability to remember special and unique details about those of us who have known her for years within the online world, which makes you, feel pretty special.

Joshua Parkinson of Post Planner writes the most compelling blog headlines.

Michael Stelzner and his team create the most EPIC event on the planet! I am all in for his upcoming Social Media Marketing Society. Key take away (hard to pick just one) “Don’t get distracted by every squirrel that goes by.” AND – ABY – Always be YOU! Side note: Michael Stelzner is 12 feet tall, just ask his daughter.

[tweetthis]ABY – Always be YOU! ~ Michael Stelzner[/tweetthis]

Juan Felix is one of the most unassuming geniuses in Social Media.

Mari Smith remains the kindest woman in all of social media and she still reigns supreme in Facebook marketing.

Joe Pulizzi wears the best ORANGE footwear, which is a subtle homage to his brand. Key takeaway – Find your content TILT. Make sure that your content is genuinely unique and not just a redo of someone else’s content. BE UNIQUE and be relevant to 1 audience.

Jenn Herman is one of my top go-to’s for Instagram. I had no idea that she had a “day job”. She is one kind and dynamic lady who, once her daughter is born, will be that one in a million moms who can do it all.

April Heavens-Woodcock, of Touching Clients, is one of the world’s best at networking. She asks genuinely probing questions to find out what makes key thought leaders tick. Her knowledge base is incredible and she has a heart of gold.

Julie Mason, The Social Media Princess – has a level of confidence that is unmatched. She knows her stuff and her unique business model is one we should all emulate.

Jenny Brennan is the 2nd shortest person in Social Media and passionate about the work that she does. She knows her stuff and she’s an incredible advocate for AgoraPulse, my current favorite social media tool.

Martin Shervington and Heidi Garland

Martin Shervington and Heidi Garland

Martin Shervington has more energy than any 10 people and he uses that energy, unique brainpower and drive to reach 30,000 people in just 9 months AND he makes it sound easy. Key Take Away: Ask Permission. Add Value and Build your community!

Neal Schaeffer kicked off his session by saying – ‘Only you know your business objectives so OWN your social strategy.’ Key Take Away – People don’t scale. Choose what you do strategically!

TOP #SMMW15 Tools and Apps

#1 is AgoraPulse – If you aren’t monitoring how can you show your clients genuine ROI? My results thus far…mind blowing! More on this later.

Random #SMMW15 Takeaways:

I did spend a little time in my hotel room watching f8 – Key take-away: Facebook is upgrading native video and downgrading video from YouTube. Duly noted and implemented.

Surprise #SMMW15 Takeaway:

Not everyone looks like his or her avatar!

All in all #SMMW15 was, in my opinion, the top annual event for social media marketing people. It combined the digital world, yes I was finally able to meet many of my Facebook friends, and real live meet and greet fun activities. I was thrilled to see Dorien Morin-van Dam, Jacob Sapochnick, Mike Gingerich, Batya Sabag, Sandi Eveleth, Emeric Ernoult, Sherry Hayes-Peirge, Wes Schaeffer, Carin Galletta Oliver, Andrew Foxwell, Adam Franklin, Kim Garst, Robbi Hess, Ali McGee Kelly, Ashlee Marie, Ian Cleary, John DiJulius, Amy Hall, Matt Cherry, Antonio Calero, Erin Cell, Lisa Kalner Williams, Ronnie Bincer and Kim Reynolds! Note, this is the short list!

Since my business model for Guild West Agency is just the right mix of digital and in-person event marketing for me, #SMMW15 was nirvana. As incredible as online webinars are for learning about the social media world we live in, it doesn’t compare to meeting these wonderful people in person. So will I see you at #SMMW16?  I’d like to hear your take aways. Please share in the comments below!

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  • Melonie Dodaro April 21, 2015   Reply →

    Heidi it was an absolute delight to meet you IRL. You are even more sweet and engaging in person which I didn’t think was even possible. Thanks for brightening the event with your beautiful presence!

    • Heidi Garland April 21, 2015   Reply →

      Melonie it was incredible meeting you in person. Thank you for inviting me to the private party on the 40th floor. I also think you and your husband are a match made in heaven. He’s a keeper!!!

  • April Heavens-Woodcock April 21, 2015   Reply →

    My dear friend Heidi! It was so great to see you again and give you a great BIG hug! You are such an amazing lady who embellishes inspiration! Thank you for opening your heart to so many. The world is a better place because of you.

    • Heidi Garland April 21, 2015   Reply →

      April, you inspire me with your outstanding networking skills. May I just watch you in action? I learn so much from the experience! See you again soon.

  • Juan Felix April 21, 2015   Reply →

    Thanks so much Heidi for your shout out. You’re such a warm-hearted person and it was a delight talking to you IRL at #smmw15!

    • Heidi Garland April 21, 2015   Reply →

      Juan you are even more incredible in person. Soft spoken with a heart of gold and and incredible social media skill set. It was wonderful meeting you in real life. See you again soon!

  • Alisa Meredith April 21, 2015   Reply →

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane :). It was so great to meet you and so many other smart, generous people. Thing is, I keep realizing how many MORE people I didn’t get to meet! There is always next year – looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile again!

    • Heidi Garland April 21, 2015   Reply →

      Alisa it was such a genuine pleasure meeting you in person. The funny part is, everyone looks as short as I am on my computer screen. I’m looking forward to making this an annual event for us.

  • Robin Strohmaier April 21, 2015   Reply →

    Heidi, what an incredible recap of #SMMW15. It sounds like it was absolutely amazing! I do feel like I was there vicariously through through you 🙂 I hope to be there in 2016!

    • Heidi Garland April 21, 2015   Reply →

      Thank you Robin! Let’s plan to share a room next year and experience everything together.

  • Jenn April 21, 2015   Reply →

    Heidi – you are quite possibly one of the sweetest, kindest, most generous people I’ve met. And to meet you IRL at this event was one of my highlights (although I’m still sorry you missed seeing my shoes IRL!). The enthusiasm with which you approached this event and meeting everyone was contagious. I can’t wait to see you again next year for even more excitement 🙂

    • Heidi Garland April 22, 2015   Reply →

      Jenn, oh wise knower of ALL things Instagram, you just made my day! It was a genuine pleasure to finally meet you in person. I’m so very glad that we finally met.

  • Julie Mason April 22, 2015   Reply →

    Hey Heidi

    Great to meet you at SMMW15 over lunch. You are so right, one of the delights of attending these events is meeting awesome peeps like you <3

    • Heidi Garland April 22, 2015   Reply →

      Julie, just the short time we were together made a real impact on me. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next event.

  • Sandi Eveleth January 3, 2016   Reply →

    Hello, Heidi! Somehow I missed this article until just now. Thank you so much for including me. I count you as one of my true new friends whom I first met on Facebook. I love making connections via social media, but it’s even more rewarding to build such strong, lasting relationships after meeting someone as special as you in person. Thank you for your continued inspiration for me and so many others.

    • Heidi Garland March 21, 2016   Reply →

      It was a genuine honor meeting you Sandi. Congratulations on your wedding this weekend!

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