Facebook f8 Keynote – Marketer’s Perspective

Move Fast With Stable Infra

Mark Zuckerberg f8 Move Fast With Stable Infra

This years’ f8 theme is to Build a Stable Mobile Platform and support the Mobile Eco System! Mark Zuckerberg opened Facebook’s 2014 f8 with a new and improved message for developers and Facebook users. One of the biggest challenges for App Developers today is they have to build their app across multiple platforms. You have to build your app for iOS, Android, Microsoft and the Web. Facebook has a new solution, the Cross Platform Platform (not a typo that’s what he said).

What does this mean for Marketers and Facebook Users? More efficient Apps with less development time – you only need to develop your app once.

Gone is the Hacker Mentality

Facebook is known for their “Hacker” Mentality – “Move Fast Break Things” which meant they tolerated a few bugs. Now the older wiser Facebook has realized that fixing these bugs after launch is substantially more time consuming to troubleshoot. Their new and revised saying is “Move Fast with Stable Infra.” YES!!!

What does this mean to Marketers and Facebook Users? Fewer “Face Bugs” (With a commitment to 48 Hour Major Bug Fix SLA).

Another plus for Developers is API Versioning. What this means that developers decide which version of the API they build against. No more moving target.

Exciting Anonymous Login

Anonymous Login

Anonymous Login

 As I have previously discussed, one of my biggest challenges with Facebook Third Party Apps is the requirement that you give away the keys to the kingdom and allow the App to access your information plus that of all of your friends if you choose to use that App. EFFECTIVE TODAY – Facebook announced Anonymous Log In and the ability to Sign In to a Third Party App under your own terms. You choose when to share what you provide. The Anonymous Log In allows users to utilize the functionality of the App without having to give away all of their info. If you would like to personalize the App then you may choose to Log In using that, no longer scary blue button “Log In with Facebook”, yet you choose how much information you share with the developer. The hassle free way to log in utilizes an anonymous identifier that will sync with your other mobile devices offering a stable mobile bridge across platforms.

What does this mean to Marketers and Facebook Users?  You have the ability to use some really wonderful Apps while maintaining more control of what you share AND you no longer sell out your friends in the process because they also need to decide which info they want to share with the App. YES this was my favorite part.


Ilya Sukhar, Product Manager for Facebook introduced Facebook’s New Technology to help developers build their apps once and make them available across all platforms called Parse.  As a developer you no longer need to  “reinvent the wheel over and over again.” The list of current Parse Customers is impressive.

Facebook New Parse Customers

Parse Customers

In the last year Facebook has gone from 60,000 Apps to over 260,000 Apps with 140,000 new App Developers. Ilya also went over the 3 components of Parse:

  • Parse Core
  • Parse Push (push notifications)
  • Parse Analytics

I won’t go into more detail on this information because it’s more geared to Developers and less to Marketers.


Facebook New APPLINK Partners

APPLINK Partners

Another exciting announcement from Ilya was APPLINKS open source SDKs. The premise behind APPLINKS is that the world of mobile had no unified way to identify links to other apps. Previously you couldn’t smoothly go back and forth between apps and you would get stuck in mobile web browsers using various logins. With APPLINKS you can easily navigate between mobile Apps making the future of mobile more open and connected.

Here’s an example: let’s say you are listening to a song on Spotify and you would like to see if the artist you are listening to will have a concert in your area. You switch over to Songkick and find that the artist has a concert coming up in your city. You are able to buy tickets to the event without re-logging in since Songkick is able to access your credit card information from Spotify.

What does this mean to Marketers and Facebook Users? Parse means exciting Apps coming to market faster with less development time and a smother transition between desktop and mobile apps. Applink makes it easier to navigate seamlessly between mobile apps without having to re-login.  


Ime Archibong, Product Partnership Director at Facebook – posed the question how do you stand out and how do you grow? Answer you build a better app experiences! The challenge is the ability to engage with native mobile apps. Social plug-ins are on over 10 million websites. Now you have the ability to utilize a mobile “Like” button to share content publically or privately using the Facebook mobile app. FbStart Another way to GROW is with FbStart a paid service, which allows you to monetize your app with Facebook ads and access Facebook’s advertisers and find the ads for your audience. You can also use FbStart when you are developing and testing your app. Engagement Ads Here’s how FbStart works. Let’s say someone downloads your app and yet they never fully utilize it and it’s buried on the 7th screen of their mobile device. By running an Engagement Ad that is intended to look “like a nice reminder from a friend” and bring the user back to your app. It could be a music app that below the ad says “play now” and you can listen to a song you’d like to listen to on that mobile app you may have forgotten – Ads for Apps!

What does this mean to Marketers and Facebook Users? It’s intended to enhance your user experience and encourage you to utilize forgotten apps.


Last but not least, how to Monetize presented by Deb Liu, Product Management Director at Facebook. Deb said, “Money is the life blood of your business”. Web to mobile advertising is a different user experience because of it’s a different form factor. Facebook has reinvented how ads look on Facebook Mobile.  The intention is to have ads integrated into your experience instead of disrupting your experience. One way they do this is by Targeting to your optimal audience. The question is how do they discover that audience?

Here’s an example – Target approached Facebook. They wanted to reach users of their Target app who like the Disney movie Frozen, those of us who walk around singing “Do you want to build a snowman” at the top of their lungs. The results from Facebook showed that the optimal ad audience was the readers of the Huffington Post.

Deb went on to discussed the 3 Types of Mobile Ads

3 Forms of Facebook Mobile Ads

3 Forms of Mobile Ads

  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Native Ads

The form factor of your ad shouldn’t be an afterthought. Utilizing the right mobile format really matters. If you make your Ad a part of the experience, ads that are integrated and not disruptive utilizing Facebooks “world class targeting system” will be a huge boom for businesses. 60% of Facebooks revenue comes from mobile advertising! It’s time to join the Mobile Eco System!

What does this mean to Marketers and Facebook Users? Facebooks ability to target your optimal customer could be a huge boom for Marketers and Agencies alike. When you combine the business acumen of top notch marketers who understand how to properly target and craft advertising messaging have the added luxury of Facebook’s targeting data its a win-win.

Mark Zuckerberg concluded the keynote with a message that somewhat surprised me. He said that he has been in a “reflective period” just celebrated Facebooks 10th anniversary. He’s weeks away from his 30th birthday and recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of meeting his wife. It would appear that Facebook’s strong hacker culture is being replaced with a kinder gentler culture of putting people first.  Mark said that moving forward Facebook will focus on the people “we serve” and that the love of this people is stronger than their previous hacker culture’. The phrase that drove it all home was his concluding statement, “It’s an honor to serve you guys.”  Well-said Mr. Zuckerberg well said! Like fine wine let’s see Facebook improve with age.  Will Facebook deliver before f8 2015?

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  • Denys Kelley May 1, 2014   Reply →

    Great coverage of the F8- Love the Anonymous Log In and it does sound like thing just might get better with Facebook. Whoo woo!

    • Heidi Garland May 1, 2014   Reply →

      Thanks Denys. You know how I feel about logging into 3rd party apps when it requires that you give away all of your info. Thanks for your comment!

  • Jen Walker May 1, 2014   Reply →

    Awesome post Heidi! I wonder what Mark Z. sees in his timeline?!?!?

    • Heidi Garland May 1, 2014   Reply →

      Great point Jen. I think that the 20 year old who founded this company is finally maturing the way that we all do and he’s see’s that the fast way isn’t always the best way.

  • Jennifer Taylor May 1, 2014   Reply →

    Great overview Heidi! Thanks for sharing it with us. I believe MZ’s comment is probably the result of a combination of maturity and better understanding his market.

    • Heidi Garland May 1, 2014   Reply →

      Jennifer, Don’t you just love it when that happens? I’m looking forward to the future of Facebook.

  • Jacob Sapochnick May 1, 2014   Reply →

    Great coverage Heidi, I was able to watch the end. I feel the same way, Zuc is certainly maturing in a good way.

    • Heidi Garland May 1, 2014   Reply →

      Jacob I think that Zuck’s new found maturity will show in his management of Facebook moving forward. I think good things are coming.

  • Robin Strohmaier May 5, 2014   Reply →

    Fantastic coverage of the F8. I missed the live airing and I appreciate you keeping me up to date. A “kinder gentler culture of putting people first” at Facebook certainly sounds great!

    • Heidi Garland May 5, 2014   Reply →

      Thank you so much Robin for your wonderful comment. I think that most young men go through that “phase” that Mark Z was in when he founded Facebook and it served him well initially but now a more mature Mark Z (almost 30) understands and values people and I’m really pleased to see the shift. Also, he didn’t wear a hoodie for his announcements but he did wear a t-shirt. Ah well…

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