“Mad Men” or Modern Marketing – Tools vs. Time

Great Marketing

Mad Men vs. Modern Marketing

Great marketing is still marketing regardless of the tools you use or the time it takes. Marketing, in various forms, has been around since the beginning of time. Old school ad agencies were highly effective in their day yet cutting edge digital marketing is taking things to a whole new level.

  • What do they both have in common? Great marketing.
  • What’s different? The tools used to get your message out and the time it takes.
  • What is the ultimate goal? To share your Marketing Message!

You have a product or service that you would like to show potential customers to help them make an informed buying decision and, of course,  buy your product or service.

Isn’t that what great marketing is all about?

Traditional Mad Men vs. Modern Marketing

The lifecycle of Marketing hasn’t really changed but the time it takes and the tools you use have changed dramatically. Back in the heyday of the big ad agencies, the Don Draper Mad Men days major companies would hire a big name ad agency to launch or promote their product.  The time to market was longer and the tools used were different yet the results were basically the same.

Here’s what I mean, let’s start with Market Research:

OLD – Market Research:

Telemarketer Survey – Put together a list of questions and hire a telemarketing firm to call your set demographic, ask your questions and compile the research – or

Survey By Mail – You mail out a list of questions and ask the recipient to mail it back when complete. The results are tabulated and shared with the client – OR

Focus Group –Invite a small group of potential customers to a research center where you host a round table discussion in which a moderator asks the group of people targeted questions about the potential product and what the members of the focus group are looking for in this type of product.  The “client” is usually behind a 2-way mirror watching this unfold. Their answers are tabulated and the research presented to the client. In their day these were top-notch ways to collect information. They took a long time but they got results.  

NEW – Market Research

Social Media – You listen to your customers over time and let customer NEED drive product development rather than the old style way of working hard to convince potential customers to buy what you have to sell. You can reach out to your established customer base on social media and ask for their input. The results are compiled and tabulated. The benefit here is as long as you have a great social media presence on the sites where your customers go for information. Once you understand your optimal target market and you have reached them and you know where they “hang out” to collect information that’s important to them instead of old school pushing customers to follow you where you are.  New is definitely faster and more personalized.

Research DONE now it’s time to present and promote your product to your optimal client. Time to create branded content.

OLD – Create Branded Content

Ad Campaign and Branded Brochures – As recently as the 80’s in order to produce an ad or a brochure a team of designers and production artist created the artwork. The original concepts were drawn and presented to the client in. The designer would specify font size and leading and the written copy was sent to a typographer and a few days later sent back to be manually pasted down on art boards by a production artist. A minor text change would take several days to implement. The art boards were shot and images were stripped in and the film and color key were shipped out to the publication or to the printer. The process took weeks. Your Ad had to be at the publication a minimum of 1 to 2 MONTHS prior to publication.

NEW – Create Branded Content

5+ People Down to 1 – With a computer the time needed to produce branded content is done in a fraction of the time with fewer people.  Not only is the production time dramatically reduced but also the ability to make changes on the fly is a huge benefit. What once took weeks can now be done in hours. Also, within the digital realm you can publish, fix, change, republish as often as you like. Distribute your Branded Content This is one area that has changed yet not as dramatically as the others.  

OLD – Get the Word Out

Your primary method for distributing your branded content was via more traditional avenues, direct mail, prints magazines and television and radio commercials and live events and trade shows.  

NEW – Get the Word Out

Your primary method now for distributing your branded content is within the digital realm via your website, blog and social media channels yet it’s important to still utilize a mix of mediums to get your message out to your optimal client. The Long and the Short of it is that times and tools have changed and in many ways it’s for the best YET the outcome remains the same great marketing is still great marketing. We can all sing old radio jingles or T.V. commercials in our heads from 30+ years ago – “The Best Part of Waking up is Folgers in Your Cup” from the 1960’s or “Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat” still going strong. We can all appreciate the brilliance behind branded content in the digital realm including everything that Oreo does on Facebook.

The tools and methods have definitely changed. Great marketing is still great marketing.

Are there any old school marketing methods that you think are superior to our newer methods? I’d like to hear what you think.

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  • Robin Strohmaier July 10, 2014   Reply →

    Heidi, this is fantastic. It is amazing how things in the marketing and advertising world have changed.

    As for old school marketing methods that are still superior to newer ones, that is an interesting question. Do you think that some of the traditional methods like direct mail and printed brochures can still be used along side of modern marketing methods to reach the ultimate marketing goal? Is this what you meant by “it’s important to still utilize a mix of mediums to get your message out to your optimal client”?

    • Heidi Garland July 13, 2014   Reply →

      Great Question Robin! Yes that’s exactly what I was saying! It’s always important to use a mix of marketing tools.

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